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Rifugiomare Agritourism

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In Rocca San Giovanni, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, nestled between the green hills of Abruzzo and the renowned Trabocchi Coast, Rifugiomare Agritourism has found its ideal place. Ancient renovated farmhouse, made unique by the passion and fervent creativity of two people who have decided to share its beauty with guests from all over the world, this Agritourism stands on a hill overlooking the Adriatic, where the eye is lost between expanses of olive trees that slowly descend towards the luminous blue of the sea.
Giuseppe and Bruna, the owners, have given a new life to an intimate and familiar place, framed by the vivid colours of nature and immersed in the clear air with perfumes of salt.

First B&B to be opened in the municipality of Rocca San Giovanni, only with two rooms and a shared bathroom, it has been converted into a holiday farm and expanded with four new and comfortable rooms, each with an independent entrance, which became comfortable accommodation for guests. These private spaces that collect stories and memories, each with a particular name – Fiurelle, Petrucce, Sabbiucce and Marine – face onto a verdant manicured lawn and are protected by an elegant strawberry grape pergola. From the lodgings, you can access, through a few steps, to the common areas where the large porch dominates, from which you can enjoy a magnificent sea view. In spring and summer, it welcomes guests for breakfast; during the winter months it is dressed with large windows, and becomes a winter garden. From there, the eye is lost among the intertwining of olive trees, the tall oaks and the variegated spontaneous vegetation that surrounds the Agritourism and that blends perfectly with the colours of some artworks that characterize this place.
Bruna and Giuseppe, lively owners, receive the guests with warmth and kindness, ready to share with those who wish real memories and fantasy stories that live in this corner of paradise in Abruzzo. Besides the rich breakfast with the scent of homemade cakes and jams, the Agritourism offers those who desire it the chance to taste the local cuisine, simple and light dishes inspired by the territorial tradition, expertly prepared by the hands of Bruna.
Rifugiomare finds its essence in the name itself: an intimate and harmonious place cared for in all its details, in which let yourself be lulled by the infinite beauty of the surrounding nature and the sound of the waves afar. A place that we are happy to count among the Treasures of Italy 2019

About thirty-five years ago, in search of a land where we could build our house, we arrived at this place and its beauty and the nature that surrounds it struck us. An olive grove that slowly descends towards the sea, an open look that succeeds to grasp the infinite and the feeling of being able to touch the crystal blue of the Adriatic. We bought the land where there was an old country house, a ruin, with the intention of renovating it and making it our permanent home, but, due to various vicissitudes, the renovation of the building began about twelve years later and the house became that of holidays, to be exploited only one month a year in the summer period.
Fifteen years ago the turning point: while I was in the studio, I read a regional law about Bed & Breakfast so Giuseppe and I decide to open one. It has only two rooms with a shared bathroom but it is the first B&B in Rocca San Giovanni.
In experiencing this new adventure, we discover that receiving guests in our home and sharing this magical place with other people is very pleasant. This is how we decide to expand the structure and create four new rooms, each with a private bathroom, under a roof garden that faces the porch, and to convert the structure from B&B to Agritourism, a decision that gives me the opportunity to give also vent to my culinary passion.
At this point, we decide to leave our home in Lanciano and live permanently in Rifugiomare, where we welcome guests who want to share so much beauty with us.

Translated by Céline Alcala

Rifugiomare Agritourism
C.da Piane Favaro 179 – Rocca San Giovanni (CH)
Tel: +39 0872 608112 | +39 348 5417142
Email: info@rifugiomare.it

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