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Simona Sorrentino. Tesori d’Italia Music World Ambassador 2019


Simona Sorrentino is the Ambassador of Music in the world for Tesori d’Italia. The culmination of a yearlong journey alongside Tesori d’Italia, which confirmed her professionalism, artistic qualities and talent. The entry of Simona into the Team and the recent online release of Tesori d’Italia TV, which will soon be integrated by the Radio, mark the official start of the TDI activities aimed at the discovery and international promotion of the Italian music scene, among great stories characters and new proposals. Simona Sorrentino is Artist, and therefore protagonist of our events, but at the same time, she will be a promoter of the spirit and mission of our Network, involving and interacting with other Artists in Italy and abroad.
First appointment is the TDI Special dedicated to Edoardo Bennato, of which Simona herself was the main supporter, will soon be online on our TV, subtitled in English for the foreign public. We are already working for the Treasure Gala 2019 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Tesori d’Italia and all the Treasures that are part of it, where Simona will enchant the world with her Violin of Light

– Translated by Céline Alcala

Who is Simona Sorrentino
Simona Sorrentino graduated in violin at the “San Pietro a Majella” Conservatory of Naples with honors. Eclectic violinist, performs her concert activity both soloist and chamber formations and orchestra. Her repertoire ranges from classical, pop-rock to experiments on house music. In classical music. In classical music she collaborated with the Masters Prencipe, Franzetti, Marin and other; the “New Orchestra Scarlatti”; “New Neapolitan Orchestra”; “YASO Orchestra”; the Orchestra of the “San Pietro a Majella” Conservatory, the Orchestra of the “Teatro Verdi di Salerno”.
Collaborations in light music: 1st violin of the Flegreo Quartet by Edoardo Bennato from 2000 to present; Solo violin in the 2019 Summer Tour by Antonello Venditti “Under the sign of the fish”; Theatrical tour “Sinfonia in San Maggiore” by Sal da Vinci 2018; RAI program “The coming year” 2015; Tour “Con Voi” with the artist Claudio Baglioni 2013/2014; Theater tour “Sono in zona” with the comedian Alessandro Siani 2011/2012/2013; Eugenio Bennato Summer Tour 2006; Claudio Baglioni who involved the Flegreo Quartet in the winter tour “… E festa sia”; “O Scià” festival; “Susiti 2011” and “Crescendo e cercando” DVD; Lucio Dalla 2010; Concert for the Epiphany RAI1; Participation in RAI fiction “A place in the sun”, “Capri”; Rolex Tour; Ferragamo Tour; Massimo Ranieri “I sing because I cannot swim”; Tour 2007; special guest in the concert of Alex Britti at the Palapartenope theater in Naples; 2006 Sanremo Festival; Sanremo against Sanremo 2006; Naples Festival 2003; Zelig Circus; “Naples before and after”; RAI2 Bengio Festival from 2001 to 2007; Christmas in Vatican 2001 (Canale 5); “Sal da Vinci” Tour 2001; “Amedeo Minghi” Tour 2001/2002, Help by Red Ronnie, Zecchino d’oro; Antonio and Marcello Tour 1999.
About house music, she plays live performances with the electric violin on DJ sets in the most prestigious venues in Italy and abroad.