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Madonieat bistrot

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In the historic center of Palermo, close to Porta Felice and Foro Italico, the famous promenade to the marina, lies Madonieat, a bistrot (but not only) that aims to promote the quality of typical Madonie food and wine products.
The seat of the bistrot, designed by the architect Cappelletti, is located at the entrance of Palazzo Butera, one of the largest and most important mansions in Palermo, which in 2018 was chosen by Manifesta 12 as one of its exhibition sites and which will early become the most important museum of contemporary art of southern Italy, hosting the collection of the Valsecchi spouses.
The Madonieat project was born thanks to the commitment of Mario Notararigo and Federico Vena, two young people from the Madonie area who, after working for some time outside the island, decided to turn back to Sicily. Two young people, inextricably attached to their land, who wanted to do their mission, as well as a successful entrepreneurial reality, to promote and enhance its beauty and the quality of its products.
A prestigious venue for an ambitious and innovative project, which shares with Tesori d’Italia the goal of promoting typical excellences of a territory, to tell its history and make known its beauty, and that is why it becomes part of our Treasures of Italy 2019.

Guests of Palazzo Butera returned to the city of Palermo by Francesca and Massimo Valsecchi, Madonieat is a store and bistrot of typical Madonie products.
The project is the idea of ​​two young people, Mario and Federico, who after having studied and worked around the world have decided to turn back to their homeland and enhance it.
The fundamental idea is to promote the area by tasting the best food and wine products and telling the stories of the producers.
From Madonieat, the enhancement of the territory through its own products becomes the common denominator of the proposed activities. This is how during the presentation of a book there is a tasting of a typical traditional product; while buying you can taste the products to learn about the history of those authentic flavours; with a live music concert, you can enjoy a “madonita” appetizer in a welcoming and convivial environment.
The promotion of the territory does not end only in the store because the Madonie can arrive around the world by means of shipments currently available only from the store and in offline mode, but which will soon be available to everyone thanks to the online platform.
A novelty for the summer of 2019, it will be possible to live a full immersion experience of the Madonie’s flavours thanks to simple tasting menus that, with the presence of a guide, will tell you about the authenticity of this land, the sacrifices of those who used to work like in the past and the genuineness of flavours.

Madonieat, in the heart of “Kalsa”, one of the oldest quarter in Palermo, is the ideal place for those who want to taste authentic and genuine Sicilian products for breakfast, lunch or an appetizer.
From the Madonie, the mountains in the heart of Sicily, where life preserves the flavor of the ancient and the traditions in the cultivation of the products return incomparable treasures in the field of organic and natural, the starting point for a journey that leads to meet people, new places and savours. The Madonie with villages among the most beautiful in Italy, woods and breathtaking landscapes, uncontaminated air, and food that follows the rhythm of the seasons in a natural way, are a heritage to be preserved. The Slow-Food presidia and the management of the companies, often family business, with a strong attachment to tradition and territory, are a guarantee of health and quality. The goal is to make guests live an experiential and sensorial journey that takes them on a journey to the land of origin and its modern guardians.
From liqueur to jam, from craft beer to biodynamic wine, from premium extra virgin olive oil to hand-drawn pasta, through seasonal vegetables and the best cheeses and cured meats of the Sicilian hinterland, every morning, the chef Salvatore Andreozzi, choosed on fresh raw materials available that the season and nature offer, prepares excellent cakes to have breakfast, tasty salads, first courses, cold cuts and cheeses.
Entering Madonieat means a journey where your palate and your heart meet and fall in love forever.

Translated by Céline Alcala

Via Butera 20 – 90123 Palermo
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