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Ristorante Trullo d’Oro

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Listed as one of the best restaurants in the Land of Trulli, the Trullo d’Oro Restaurant bases its primacy on the Murge cuisine that Davide Girolamo, the chef of tradition, reinvents with every touch. Located within four Trulli, symbolic constructions of Alberobello, the Trullo d’Oro is a point of reference for all those who want to taste Puglia on the table and be inebriated by a wine list that features about 100 labels selected from local and Italian producers.
If you have never visited Puglia, and especially Alberobello, the advice is to go there to immerse yourself in the white lanes of its centre and to savour the Apulian gastronomic tradition in the Trullo d’Oro Restaurant.
We give a special welcome among our Treasures of Italy 2019 to the elegant Trullo d’Oro.

The Trullo d’Oro restaurant is located inside four Trulli, cone-shaped buildings made with dry stone born as dwellings for farmers, buildings symbol of Puglia.
The restaurant, born in 1975, is disposed in three different refined and elegant rooms and has a bright stone veranda that houses an ancient fireplace that works during the winter months.
The mise en place is simple but cared for with the aim of preserving the historicity of the place.
For the dishes are preferred raw materials purchased from local producers and following the season, the menu changes periodically to continue to offer a different proposal based on what the land offers and bring to the table undisputed excellence and territoriality. The force of the restaurant is the appetizer: an itinerant gastronomic journey among the most varied flavours of the Apulian land and the sea.
Every day the internal pastry shop produces great specialties to offer moments of pleasure and suggestion that are enhanced by the unusual setting in stone.
The exaltation of a dish finds its perfection in the marriage with the right combination of wine. A discovery through the most important regional and national vineyards allows customers to be excited and transported in native lands and perfumes.
The spasmodic attention to the gastronomic history of their land, the personality of the chef and owner of the restaurant Davide Girolamo, are reflected in the dishes designed and made by himself with the precious collaboration of his brigade: the precision of the presentation, the clear flavours and the excellence of raw materials combine the essence of true Pugliese cuisine where earth, aromas and climate find exaltation.

Translated by Céline Alcala

Ristorante Trullo d’Oro
Via Felice Cavallotti 27, 70011 Alberobello (BA)
Tel: 080 4321820
Email: info@trullodoro.it

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