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Tokyo, the Italian Embassy receives and celebrates Tesori d’Italia

A high number of visitors celebrating Italy’s National Unity and Armed Forces Day

Tesori d’Italia International Tour begins with a great excitement and interest, undoubtedly the result of a diplomatic commendable work of the Italian Embassy in Tokyo done in the last years. In addition to a large and prestigious Japanese delegation, including the Vice-Minister of Defence Kenichi Takahashi, at the celebration there were personalities coming from almost all foreign Embassies in Japan and important business representatives. It took about forty minutes before the Ambassador and his wife could greet one by one all the guests at their arrival and, more importantly, in each of them you could feel the true pleasure to be there and share a special evening. One year later, we can only confirm the quality and the professionality of the whole Italian diplomatic corps in Tokyo and congratulate the Ambassador Giorgio Starace and the Defence Officer, Colonel Francesco Giordano, for the clear progress made in 2018.

A demanding evening from all points of view but absolutely perfect, in a full equilibrium between the commemoration and the celebration of conviviality and the pleasure to be again in the wonderful setting of the Embassy of Italy in Tokyo. Together with all of the excellent partner and sponsor of the event – Alitalia, Leonardo Company, Campari, Segafredo, Franciacorta, Vespa, Jeep, Maserati, De Rosa – Tesori d’Italia, as media partner for the second consecutive year, received an extraordinary welcome. We were honoured to have the opportunity to show and to taste the products of our first official Brands in the main room; the Chef Giorgio Matera, a true Italian treasure in Japan, excellently managing the catering and everything around it, was soon at our disposal. Despite the large number of guests, the Ambassador stopped and talked to us about our Magazine and appreciated our products, as it was for the guests and the other Armed Forced Senior Representatives. We had also congratulations for the quality of our publications by those who tasted a just toasted almond from Avola or asked information about Dono Dorato Oil accompanied with Grana Padano Riserva meeting a huge success. In particular, it was the evening for Amarone from Cantine Menegolli, followed by the Bugatti Line (of the same winery) in the middle of the buffet enchanting most of guests.

Not only public appreciated that but also understood a new message, our message: to promote Italy with a kind of information leading to something useful, looking deeply into our territory and bringing it to the world’s attention with good words and concrete and constructive actions too. Thus, after being landed with us in Japan, our Treasures move to Galleria Italia in Nagoya where we will carry out our marketing and promotion campaign. We greet and thank the Italian Embassy in Tokyo with a well-accepted invite by the Ambassador to come back soon.

Now we have a four-day Tour through Tokyo and Nagoya and meanwhile we work towards our next aim: Asia, Europe and America are calling us.

Special thanks go to our Japanese team led by Mr. Hoshiya Shinji, Tesori of Japan General Manager, who supervised all logistics and operative aspects.

From Tokyo,
– by Riccardo D’Urso