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Balnibarbi Group Relaunches Grana Padano in Japan

Today marks the start of the Official Branding & Distribution Campaign of Gana Padano Cheese in Japan by Balnibarbi Group. For the first time in Japan, Grana Padano Cheese – for this project, the one produced by Cremona’s PLAC – will be continuously distributed in 45 restaurants with a special menu by expert staff that will promote the history and the characteristics of the cheese in its different ripening stages and flavors. WJNetwork, on behalf of the Grana Padano Consortium undertook a 3-year workflow that led to the International Parntership bethween Balnibarbi Group and the Consortium, publicly announced on June 9th 2015 at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo. The Branding project involves 45 restaurants and will be gradually extended to other venues with marketing actions and communication campaigns. Present on the Stock Market, Balnibarbi Group is led by its founder, Hirohisa SATO, and its one of the most groundbreaking realities in the food & entertainement industry in Japan. The group will be supported, for the logistic operations, by Matsuya Group. The project is the second promotion of the made in Italy in Japan for Balnibarbi Group: they have previously developed a franchising program with L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, the storied Neapolitan Pizzeria which boasts two stores operating in Japan (Tokyo and Fukuoka) managed by Balnibarbi.

Tesori d’Italia Magazine granted the group complete support for media promotion, targeting Italian and abroad markets. In order to put even more Grana Padano Cheese under the spotlight as a high-end Made in Italy Brand and to target the Japanese Market, Balnibarbi Group also created a website dedicated to the project, linked to Grana Padano Consortium’s Homepage and our online magazine’s.