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Mr Ernesto Carpintieri: “We have to learn how to love our Country, again”

Going forward on our tour, we can meet everywhere extraordinary people. Only few people know about them, despite they shine thanks to their light or are protected by their shade.
Italy, the most enchanting stage in the world, is full of actors, figureheads, producers, directors, photographers,assistants, scriptwriters and cabaret artists. They give their own contribute to the best show of the shows, the daily masterpiece about which many other people talk about. It is a stage rich of good or bad dynamics, where everybody is searching for everything and for ownself. Then there are some figures, as Mr Ernesto Carpintieri, who are the thread of curtains, the nails of a beam, the foyer’s velvet, the element hidden but useful, real but untouchable, standing as a pillar for all the structure. They generate life everyday. In a meeting you meet them two times: first their Essence and then the Substance.
We, as Tesori d’Italia, are proud of having met Mr Ernesto Carpintieri, a man you can not talk about without listen to him and look in his eyes. He is a fortune for our Country.

Mr Ernesto Carpintieri: Who is he?
A journalist, a scientific matter expert, an editor, a writer, a lecturer, a benefactor: we can not label him because he is a versatile person.
After a Philosophy degree at Catania University, he moved to Rome in the middle of 70s,  starting to work in market researches for Public Administrations and private companies in Tourism department. Then he created the Marktour company.
In the same period he was working for some magazine, TV, radio and became professional Journalist. Then he founded a publishing house, the C&C Communications, which still work, publishing some magazines as “Primavisione Cinematografica”, “Italia  Operosa “, “Time to Time” and some yearly publications as “I protagonisti del lavoro italiano”, where  we can find many important representatives of Italian industry and entrepreneurship.
During 80s Mr Ernesto Carpintieri was NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) Life Coach and Trainer and Teacher at AIMO (the Association of Orthomolecular Medicine) and Human Science Institute becoming more expert in no-words communication and self control.
In 1981 he promoted the foundation of ENVA (the National Institute for the promotion of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft) promoting Italian entrepreneurs.
In 1999 he founded AEREC (European Academy for Economic and Cultural relationship). He, as President, would like to sum up together all the best people in economic, cultural, scientific world in order to exchange ideas and projects in Italy and in the world, organizing some meetings and workshops at National and international level. He is involved in the activity of “Missione Futuro NPO”, too, through which he is looking for some project for suffering people in Africa. Among the main goals there is the building of a health care center in Ivory Coast.
He has a honorary degree at Cluji Napoca University and he is Commander of magisterial Grace of Holy Sepulcher’s Byzantine Order.

The President Carpentieri’s speech at AEREC meeting.

“We have to learn how to love Italy again”

«During last days many people have said that we as Italian people, are the last ones. On TV or on the newspapers we read that we are the last ones at cultural level and for freedom of information. But we are the first according to public deficit, to say the last ones, again.
I don’t agree. I think we are the first. We have invented many things starting from the financial system. Nowadays they speak about Wall Street, London, bitcoin, blockchain but we invented the financial system in Florence in 1500. Florentine merchant built the first  bank and gave money to the Pope and other business owners.
The greatest power in the world, the America, was discovered by an Italian  as that one who gave it the name. We have built the first aqueducts and the first streets in the world. And what about Art? The writer of the most beautiful poem, the Divine Comedy, was an Italian and all the poets have no comparison. The author of the best painting in the world, The Gioconda, is an Italian and the best dome is that one by Brunelleschi. One of the best architects in the world is Renzo Piano. If we speak about sport, Debora Compagnoni is ski three times golden medal at Olympic Games. There were in the past and now there are so many Champions as Valentino Rossi, Roberto Baggio, Marco Pantani. We have invented shaking hand in the Medieval Age in order to show no guns in the hands. Now all around the world people shake  the hands. Bicycle change system was invented by Campagnolo.
Since a long time we have made the best cars in the planet, we have designed the best dresses and we have cooked the best food that all around the world pretend to copy.
Even the shape of our Country is special and it is the most beautiful in the world. If you look at globe you note Italy with its boot-shape.
We have to learn how to love this country again, because if we love it, we will love the life.
Self-confidence is the first element for the recipe to go away from the crisis. Stop to be the last ones. When we go abroad we feel at fault. It is wrong! Because people love us even if we do not think it.
First of all mass-media have to stop to speak about Italian people’s bad things. If some people speak about bad things they know we are the first. We work with hearth and Genius creating many things that conquer the world». – Ernesto Carpintieri

Translated by Floriana Maci