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Gianmarco Biagi, a glance with the future inside it

Gianmarco Biagi is a trustworthy person. Not only for the professional compactness and the roles covered – I prefer to focus for this interview only on his current role as Managing Director and CEO of Vection Technologies  but because when he speaks, it is as if he is producing possibilities. The trait that sets him apart comes from a constantly expanding thought that is then translated, with great enthusiasm, into high-level operations. The Engineer Biagi is someone who always says what he thinks and does it with a grace that is only acquired after many years matured by comparison with the most important realities. Today, he is at the head of a technological dimension which is breaking through the tent of the future and which, I am sure, will lead our country towards real growth without too many words.
I could not help but overwhelm him with questions.

The interview

The current and imminent need to train and educate Italian companies that are entering the world of new technologies.
We are currently experiencing a real industrial revolution, which began with the advent of 5G, which sees the need for large-scale production to optimize processes through the use of new technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and many more. In the Covid-19 era, this process was accelerated as the need to digitalize businesses became an essential element. Therefore, it is appropriate to examine all the business processes within the company and ask how they can become more efficient with new technologies. Thanks to these it is possible to hold virtual fairs and showrooms, conferences, product presentations without being bound to physical presence. The whole world of logistics, education, employee and collaborator training, safety, accident prevention and maintenance provide processes that can be made more efficient and improved thanks to new technologies. Thanks to these applications, engineers and architects from all over the world can collaborate simultaneously on the same product, thus reducing time to market, times, costs, and working directly on prototyping in real time. In summary, the world of manufacturing and service companies is being improved thanks to the introduction of new technologies because there are specialized companies that allow to make very effectives applications in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality); the population has embarked on a path to use new technologies, accelerated also due to the pandemic; to make large internationals investments, not least the recovery fund, pushing everyone in the direction of digitalization. Small, medium and large Italian and international companies must be able to include the use of new technologies in their strategic plan and introduce the issue of digitalization within their own reality. All this will create the internal and external foundations of the company to support all business processes in an innovative, performed, integrated way and everything will be facilitated by the reduction of the investments necessary to achieve these evolutions as the cost will be lower and lower and will guarantee greater diffusion. The digitalization process can no longer be postponed and it is necessary that all companies of all sizes exploit this mega trend not only for short-term logic (literacy) but above all by structuring strategic plans for the medium term where digitalization joins the essential work of man by enhancing the results and favoring performances that this, alone, can never achieve.

To what extent and in what way does Vection draw the difference in a national growth perspective?
Vection Technologies is a company that has developed proprietary platforms over the years in the world of augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D configuration. Thanks to its experience, it has the possibility to apply these technologies in every industrial field. In fact, one of the advantages is precisely that of being applicable to any type of sector, industrial, public, private, manufacturing or services. The results obtained are advantageous in terms of cost reduction, increase in sales, increase in culture and professionalism and credibility of companies. These technologies give “culture” to people, productivity to companies and generate wealth for the country very quickly and with limited investments. All this will also have an impact on the Public Administration, Healthcare and Education, where the need to change a series of operations and master the technologies necessary to increase the culture of our young people and our country is increasingly felt.
Vection Technologies is convinced that these technologies will bring new job opportunities and that some sections of the population will have to reshape their professionalism. In times like this, it is necessary for companies to include these technologies within business processes and educate their employees to use these tools. Only in this way can we talk about national growth: when most companies integrate these new technologies, performance will improve, international integration will be plausible and the new globalization will be guaranteed in a different way than today. These technologies can give a huge boost to the growth, well-being and sustainable wealth of the country because they do not have an impact on the environment, they reduce costs, they are economic; and allow for rapid and effective disclosure.

Digitalization as a fundamental principle of Italian overseas credibility.
Italy is a great country and an international excellence: we are deeply convinced that Made in Italy is still today a fundamental asset of our country, but very often not valued enough. National excellence is an undisputedly recognized element especially in the Asian and US market. The use of these technologies can only amplify this mechanism allowing us to present our excellence in the world in a different and more effective way than today. This does not mean, for example, that international fairs will no longer be held, but on the contrary they will be accompanied by virtual ones to allow every company to attend them anyway. Therefore, the methods of internationalization, management and business development will change in a short time and in a very profound way, especially in multinationals or companies with a strong export orientation. Only with immersive technologies, such as VR and AR, it is and will be possible to overcome the current problems related to the “first modern pandemic”, especially in relation to internalization which does not only mean sales but also company management and operations (design, logistics, warehouse, H&R etc.). In particular, the Asian world (the first major buyer for Europe in various sectors) has invested heavily in new technologies (in the order of trillion dollars) and this makes us think that the future will rest its foundations precisely on these technologies that will also become part of the supply chain. All this is even more amplified in the world of design and maintenance, where many technicians can work at the same time on the same project and can carry out maintenance remotely and at no cost. Think also of the world of healthcare, surgery, home care, telemedicine which today can operate in a virtual way. Digitalization is therefore a fundamental element for developing the internalization of companies and the State, as the more companies are digitalized, the more credible we will be abroad, even though there are already great excellences in our country that use new technologies and enhance the Made in Italy.

The advantages that arise from the internal structure of a company that chooses Vection Technologies for setting up an innovative training.
Over the years, Vection Technologies has developed technologies necessary for the enhancement of the entire operational chain of a company in its various aspects: marketing, production, logistics, warehouse, etc. A fundamental aspect is training as we know that the staff training part will undergo a real revolution. Vection Technologies has very important tools from this point of view as it allows the person to learn the concepts by halving the time required compared to traditional training. Living a virtual training experience therefore allows you to absorb notions and consolidate them more quickly. This will be the key element that will revolutionize not only the world of training but also the one of education, that is, of children / young people, as these technologies act on some motivational and cognitive levers that allow for a much more developed notional learning. Structurally, AR and VR technologies are inserted in the DNA of a company, from strategy to operations, and therefore the need, on the part of companies, to graft a real path of digitalization by building new professional figures, arises more and more, Xr Specialists, who are not software developers but are real managers trained to introduce the right immersive technology at the exact point of the company’s value chain in order to amplify and improve performance. For this reason, the introduction of these technologies must take place through structured, highly professional and technologically advanced companies, such as Vection Technologies, which thanks to a large portfolio of case histories can guarantee not only the start of the digitalization process but also the development of the same by collaborating with the managers of companies increasingly trained to oversee this fundamental strategic node.

Digital Upskilling and expansive logic in the Italian tourism and cultural sector.
The Italian tourism sector represents a fundamental asset of the country (about 13% of GDP), as well as being considered a world excellence for its environmental wealth, works of art, culture, cuisine, hospitality and history.
Here too, new technologies can make a huge contribution to the development of this sector, focusing on the enhancement of the artistic and museum heritage. And converting all this into digital also means preserving and guarding it in a performing, economical and lasting way. Consider, for example, that there are many works of art that are often not exhibited due to space problems but thanks to these technologies it is possible to show them, enhance and maintain them. The aim of the new technologies is to make them available to the international vision, generating both public and private revenues. Make them become a key element for the educational world. From a tourism point of view, the enhancement of our territory and Italian excellence can be told through the digital world, giving the tourist the opportunity to experience an immersive experience that will then accompany him to physically visit Italy. In the same way, Municipalities can enhance and monitor the territory making it even safer through ad hoc tools such as 360 cameras. Therefore, Vection Technologies is firmly convinced that technologies will enhance the entire tourist part of our country with reduced investments and applicable in a short time. Tourism, art, culture and teaching operators must, in a short time, equip themselves with the appropriate knowledge to master the use of new technologies in the tourism, cultural and educational sectors. I am referring above all to the revolution of all those processes of promotion, ticketing, logistics, transport, entertainment and gaming, maintenance and communication that will have a real transformation.

Technological innovation and Public Administration today.
The new augmented and virtual reality technologies will play a huge role in the transformation of the national and international Public Administration as they are easy to use and the required investments are limited. In all sectors of the public administration, new technologies will lead to a revolution in the methods, use of services, relations with the citizen as well as an internal revolution, such as training, development and organization of operations. By focusing on the world of public and private healthcare, all processes can be digitized, from the medical record, to the management of surgical procedures and relationships with the patient. This sector will have the opportunity to be much more efficient and to have much more information available, as well as to reduce risks and errors, by breaking down bureaucracy and all that is management fatigue within healthcare. Vection Technologies is already engaged in this sector and has presented hospital renovation projects to make management and surgery processes more efficient. The world of education will also undergo a huge change. Learning will be speeded up and teachers will also be educated to use these new immersive technologies, thus breaking down the boundaries of the classrooms. The same goes for the military world. Think of all that is training, simulation, logistics, organization. With new technologies it will be possible to create simulation environments where law enforcement agencies will be able to simulate situations while also preventing injuries. Furthermore, these technologies also have an important impact in the world of management between citizens and PAs as they break down the bureaucratic aspect that is often a real limitation in this sector.

Interview by Fabiana D’Urso
Translated by Céline Alcala